Is It Wrong To Cheat If No One Finds Out?

Is cheating wrong? Everyone knows how it destroys relationships and life. Still according to the recent statistics straying happened in 1/3 of world’s couples. It is interesting that a half of unfaithful family men and women have not confessed to their partners yet. Furthermore, they do not even plan on doing so. Will it be easier to forget your wrongdoing if you don’t share it with your closest person? Maybe it will only deprive him/her of sufferings. We know for sure that you cannot turn back time and avoid doing something really bad. All you have to focus on at this stage is the following question. To tell or not to tell?

There is no need proving you why cheating is wrong. Hence, we will do our best to help you find a right solution. Here you have arguments for and against sharing an awful news in your life with your partner.

Why is cheating and not telling wrong?

Firstly, there is a 99% chance it will reveal later bringing even more mental pain and a true heartache. To say nothing about depression, psychosis, hysteria. Even if you are lucky to be that 1% case, nothing will make you forget what you have done. Adultery will hurt like an open wound till either a break up with the current official partner or your death.

Secondly, while cheating you impersonate somebody else. You lie constantly like there was somebody else, never you. Why is cheating wrong? Because your ego splits into at least two completely new personalities. Especially when you go on cheating by dwelling on single dating and keeping it secret for more than a year. That is why you are constantly stressed. For instance, at first, your wife was a true driller; that, in fact, made you cheat on her. Now you will outdo even her and become a new “irritant” in the family.

Thirdly, you break the rules of public morality (even if you do not give an f about it). You deprive a person, the third party, the victim, of a right to choose whether to overlook your misconduct or take measures, whether to forgive or to leave. And that is a true betrayal.

When is cheating and not telling right?

From another perspective, you have a right to do anything you want. Life is too short to waste it (still you can officially break up before go intimate with somebody else). There are several points that can partly justify your acts.

  1. Just a physical merging with another person

Both enjoyed just a physiological end, 2 orgasms, that happened only once and will never occur again. You always loved love and will love the mother of your children, the woman you wake up and fall asleep with for years. Just a drunken thing and googling “is it wrong to cheat” next morning. It was a deplorable accident, nothing more!

  1. She/he would prefer to live unaware of what an idiot you are.

You know that for sure because she told you. It is hard to believe, but such things happen as well.  For example, she suffers from heart diseases or constant stresses. Alternatively, she simply knows that nothing on Earth will make her forgive such a douchebag. However, being alone in the end scares her even more.

Hope you will define your case and make a right decision. Good luck!

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