Pros and Cons of Being a Beta Male

There are different types of men: confident and masculine, nice and good guys, mother’s darlings fearing commitment. Such distinctions became the basis for a classification, very popular on the Internet. The idea to classify men as alpha and beta males (there is also an omega type) comes from the social hierarchy of a wolf pack once offered by a famous zoologist.

Alpha males are leaders. They are strong, independent, not very talkative, not afraid of conflicts, and they can stand for themselves. They have a high sexual libido, so women want them as their partners.

A beta male definition will sound like “the opposite of alpha male”. Betas are less obstinate and pushing, but they can achieve success by their diligence, intelligence and resourcefulness. Usually, beta males make great family men. In terms of long-term relationships, betas are the winners in the battle alpha male vs beta male.

There is a tendency among women to fall for alphas and marry betas. If you know you’re a beta male, it’s not shameful. 80% of all men are beta. Although it’s possible to become less beta and more alpha, why should you change anything if women like good guys? So, what are those beta male traits that make them stand out from the alphas and ones that may be repelling? Let’s figure out.

Strong points:

Emotional intelligence

Alpha males are the hostages to their image. They feel their inner strength and don’t want to appear weak or emotional, so they keep a poker face and skimp on the manifestations of tenderness. Beta males are more sensitive. And women appreciate it very much, especially when it comes to online dating ukraine and building relationships. Women want to feel that their man cares, and non-alpha guys are sincere in their feelings and are not afraid of being emotional sometimes.


Beta males have romantic natures. This is their important advantage and a powerful instrument for winning a woman’s heart. Alphas are more self-centred and proud, which deprives them of the urge to do sweet things. Beta guys are more thoughtful and have a better imagination, so it’s not a problem for them to come up with a romantic place for a date or prepare some nice gift for their beloved.

Better listening skills

Since they are full of empathy, they are good listeners. This is another advantage because women like when men listen to them attentively. Alphas don’t want to be bothered with some trifles, while beta males, being nice guys, will listen to every word of their interlocutor.


Supportiveness is another distinctive characteristic of beta males. The ability to listen and to hear along with the natural ability to sympathize make betas those men who are there to comfort their partner. Unlike the omega males, beta males have pretty good communication skills, so they can find the right words to support.


Women, the following information is for you: it’s beta male’s nature to avoid conflicts, so they opt for a compromise more often than alpha guys.


Beta males are not afraid of household chores. Many of them are good cooks and can prepare a dinner without being asked for it. They know where the vacuum cleaner is and use it.

Weak points:


It takes them a lot of courage to make the first move, while for an alpha guy it’s very easy. Also, rejection is quite painful for them.


Their lack of confidence makes them hesitant, so sometimes they may seem passive. For a woman to see that her man is inferior to her is quite disappointing.

Being too nice

Some beta males are too sweet it makes them appear needy and desperate. This is often repelling for the opposite sex.

Focusing on the inner world

Betas tend to pay attention to their intellectual development and ignore their appearance. In terms of finding a mate, it can hinder their success.

So, these are some basic beta male characteristics. Being a beta male is not shameful. The main thing is to embrace who you are and be a man in the first place.

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