Smaaash Gurgaon Cyber Hub Full Review

If live in Delhi/NCR then you must be always thinking of the places where you can go on birthdays or some other celebrations with your friends, cousins. In this post I am giving you full review of Smaaash Cyberhub, Gurgaon which is one of the popular places in Delhi NCR. Lets start with the description.


Smaaash Cyber hub Gurgaon Full Review:



Smaaash is a Sports/Game parlour available in many cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. Here you can experience Virtual Reality games as well as SImulation Games. It is suitable for both kids as well as adults.


In this post, I am going to review Smaaash located in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon which is one of the busiest complexes in Gurgaon. It is located on the ground floor near Social, Cyber hub Cafe.



We went on Sunday so it is a bit more crowded than other weekdays. I suggest you go on weekdays if you don’t want any crowd and even the prices of games is also less on weekdays but you will not enjoy properly as it will completely vacant.

So we went on Sunday around 12 PM, they offered us a welcome drink by registering a phone number. If you are a new customer, then they will ask your phone number and will offer you a free Drink(Cold drink) so that they can send you messages regarding the offers and deals of Smaaash Later.

There are many games over there for kids as well as adults.

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For Kids:


Roller Coaster and Jurrasic Park: They will give you VR set which you will wear on your eyes. It will give you feeling like you are riding a roller coaster or you entered into Jurassic Park. At one time, four person can ride this. Other factors like artificial wind, water and bumpy jerks will be there to give you exact feel of the place. Ride duration is 1 minute only (which can be increased) and they will charge you 150-250 depending upon the day you are going (obviously it is costly on weekends).



I would say, this can be the best VR games present over there. In this, you will be given a VR set and they will make you stand on the top of a building and you have to cross the building by walking a plank. In real life, you will be walking over a plank size mat and room is dark in real to avoid any distraction. You have to walk from one building to another building along with saving a cat sitting on a plank.

But what I observed is there is a catch in this game that after completing 80% of you task, You will fall. We are 5 friends, we all fell down at the same place. Share your experience in the comment section if you have crossed the plank successfully.



I didn’t try this game personally as it is for kids. In this game, you will make lie down on a board which will fly in VR and you will get some obstacles in between. You need to dodge them and reach the target.

For Adults:


It is the best game and most popular game of the arena. You may have to wait up to 1 hour if the crowd is more. So book your slot accordingly. This will be 30 minutes game in which you will get 10 hours to play. I have decided to write a separate article for this. Soon, I ‘ll share the link with you.


In this game, you will get the penalty kick and you have to score a goal. There will be a robotic goal keeper present at the goal. There are sensors and cameras present in the area which will track the movement of the ball according to which goal keeper moves in the same direction. It is very difficult to score a single goal in the game. You have to shoot at the top end of the goal with a very fast speed to achieve a goal. There is no other way you can score a goal. If you will hit 10 consecutive goals then you will get a Harley Davidson bike. Yes, you heard it right! With this, you can guess the difficulty level of the game.

There are other games available like bowling, car race, ice hockey, basketball, etc.


There is a separate restaurant which serves average food with average price. You can get liquor also there from the bar. But I suggest you choose other cafes available in the area which serves better food with better variety and better taste.

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Smaaash Gurgaon Cyber Hub Games Price List:

2015-07-1606-SMAAASH_Gurgaon Brochure Cum Rate Card Rev


I find this place above average as it is something new which is not available at other places commonly. You can go at least one time. If you cover all main games, it will cost you around 800-1000 Rs. Per person. There are some packages available on their website which keeps on changing time to time. If you are planning to go to this place or if you have already gone to this place, please share your reviews/questions in the comment section.

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