Airtel Misleading Ad Campaign: Fastest 4G Network

According to TRAI December 2016 report, Jio which is the new entry in the telecom sector of India is the fastest network. It has a speed between 16-19 Mbps which is more than the Airtel’s average speed of 14.8 Mbps. TRAI took the decision after it computes results on a Myspeed app which is a real-time app to show network speed.
Since December 2016, Jio has the fastest 4G network but Airtel claims to be the fastest network by claiming OOkla speed test results. After a complaint from Jio, ASCI asked Airtel to modify or withdraw “fastest 4G network” ad in April 2017 in which Airtel claims to be the fastest network. Airtel removes its advertisement in March- April but now again in June 2017, they started again the same advertisements in which Airtel is claiming to be the fastest network on the basis of OOkla results.

Airtel VS Jio Speed Check

ASCI asked to remove this ad because OOkla results are ambiguous when it comes to Dual sim Android devices, even OOkla admitted that but then Why Airtel is doing it?

Why Is Airtel Doing This?

In mid-April, Airtel launched a new ad campaign in which they shifted their focus from Network speed, network experience. They focused more on security, anti-virus and payment banks. But suddenly in June, they shifted back to its old ad campaign. The following can be the reasons for this:

  • Since the last 4 months, Airtel performance is getting poor day by day. It can be the biggest reason as Airtel decided to gain the tag of the fastest network of India.
  • Airtel may want to put a break on the business which Jio is gaining day by day which becomes the largest network of India beating Airtel in the last quarter.

But is this act is justifiable, should Airtel mislead people with ambiguous results? Jio again filed a complaint in TRAI for this ad campaign. Soon TRAI can ask Airtel to drop this ad campaign or may penalise fine to Airtel for it.

How To boost speed of Jio Network

Bharti Airtel Ltd. (Free Data for 12 months): The advertisement’s claim, “Free data for 12 months, worth Rs. 9000. Switch to Airtel 4G”, is misleading by ambiguity. It was noted that the price currently being used by Airtel for 3 GB data is Rs. 450/-. The prevalent price of ‘free data’ under an actual offer for 12 months is much lower than the price point of Rs. 9000. The said unlimited data packs are not entirely free but they are subject to specific tariff packs for which the customer is required to pay. Furthermore, the data pack is valid for only 28 days and the 12 re-charges of 28 days each do not add up to 12 months.

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