Best Power Bank Under 1000 Rupees


Nowadays life is full of gadgets. Phone is the essential part of our life, to maintain the essential part of our life we need battery to charge them that’s where power bank came into picture and it is the new coolest gadget which everyone is having with their smartphone. But the problem there are so many companies or brands there is this market which is not that good and they also charge much related to their quality. So you have to be smart enough to choose your phone’s companion.

Best Power Bank Under 1000

First you have to decide the budget because there are large variety of power banks available in the market at different rates. In this post I am going to tell you about the best power banks under 1000 rupees.

  • PNY BE-740 10400mAh

PNY is the best and my favorite power bank under 1000 rupees. It is cylindrical in shape with light in weight with sleek slim body design so you can carry it in your pocket with phone. It has LED torch in it so that you can search it in dark also. It has a great battery of 10400mAh which is enough to charge your big battery smartphones for more than 3 times. It comes with one data cable and it has one output port which provides 2.1 A current. It takes less time to charge its battery as comparison to other power banks. This is the best power bank I have ever used. So if you want a stable good battery size power bank, guys don’t think twice go with PNY 10400 mAh power bank.

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  • Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh


If you are not satisfied with 10000 mAh power bank you want more power or you don’t want to charge your phone for more than 4 days or you are going for a long trip where you will not get charging point for more than half a week than guys this device is made for you only. Ambran P-1310 has 13000 mAh battery which is enough to charge your phone for more than 6 times. It has two output ports for 1A and 2A current. 2A is for fast charging and 1 A is for normal charging. But this power bank has some leakage of power in it unlike PNY that’s why I prefer pny but leakage is very small (not more than 800-900 mAh ) which will not affect the performance of this power bank.

So these are the two best power bank under 1000 rupees.


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