Best Steam Iron Covering All Budgets

Steam iron is one of the essential for your house. You need to invest smartly as it will be your essential item of your life even if you are a bachelor or a married person. You need to smart because if you buy a wrong Iron then you have to invest again and again. First of all, you need to decide your budget. I will try to cover all the Steam iron ranging all the budgets. Let’s look at the top 3 Steam Iron:

Philips GC 1011 Steam Iron

This is the best Iron if you are looking for a budget Iron. It costs you around a little more than 1100 Rupees. You can get the other irons also under Rs. 1000 rupees but you have to adjust with the quality with that. You will get Inalsa, orpat brands under Rs. 1000.

  • This iron from Philips is a best low budget steam iron which has non-sticky Aluminium plate. It consumes 1200 W which will consume an average amount of electricity.
  • It has automatic electric cut which will prevent your other household items to catch fire if you forget to turn off. This is much-required feature for security.
  • It provides continuous steam flow of 15g/min
  • It has a water capacity of 150 ml which is enough to press 8-10 clothes with one refill.
  • It will take a little time to heat up but that is expected from a low budget Ion.



Panasonic NI-E100T Steam Iron : 

This is one of the best product under 2000 Rs. It  costs around somewhere around 1800 rupees Following are the features of this Steam Ion:

  • It has a titanium coating soleplate which is non-sticky and it will heat up as soon as you switch on the button.
  • It consumes 1430 W of electricity which is again not very high.
  • It will give you comfort in moving the press as it has a swivel cord.
  • It is light in weight and very handy in carrying.
  • It has a water tank of 200 ml which is more than enough for 12-15 clothes.
  • It is perfect to remove wrinkles from the formal shirt. It even Removes tough Creases

Panasonic Heavy Weight Iron: 

If you have a high budget (more than 4000 rupees) then you can go for this Steam Ion. It is quite heavy in weight which will give you the power to ion woollen or thick clothes.

  • This is a deluxe automatic heavy weight dry iron comes with a pressing power of 6 pounds.
  • It has powerful 1000W and it has a stylish rich golden deluxe metal cover.
  • It also contains Non-stick coating sole plate. This automatic iron has big thermostatic pilot lamp and heat-resistant cotton cord.
  • Along with this it has a easy operation 6 temperature settings and big metal temperature setting guide.
  • The adjustable swivel cord makes ironing easy and comfortable. Its heel rest stand by position and big secured grip with thumb’s rest and button hole are its unique features.

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