Choosing a Mobile phone for Casino Gaming


Are you one of those millions of people who love to play games to entertain themselves and make sometimes win some money?

If, Yes, then you are one of those online gamers who play casino games on their Smartphone.

There is no doubt that Smartphone has changed our lives in completely new way for good. But still it is in our hands how we use our Smartphone. Some people use them only for making calls and texts, some also use for video calls and watching movies and there are people who love to play games on their Smartphone as a way of entertaining themselves or as a way of winning real money with online casinos.

But do you know what should you consider when choosing a mobile phone for casino gaming?

There are various things which you should take care of when you are about to choose mobile phone for gaming such as:

1) OS:

Majority of Smartphone users are categorised into two parts Android users and iOS users. Some people love to play games on android devices and some other likes the iOS, but it is very clear that android users are much more than the number of iOS users. So you can say that if you want to play games online such as online casino than your first choice can be android.

2) CPU:

CPU tells the performance and power of a Smartphone. To play games on Smartphone you need CPU with good power and performance.

3) RAM:

RAM is one of the most important parts which you should look for when you want your Smartphone to run games easily for you. It is always god that you should look for at least 2GB RAM in your Smartphone. Maximum online games you can easily play on the Smartphone with 2GB RAM.

4) Battery:

Battery is also crucial thing when you look for a Smartphone to play games online. If you play games for long hours than you should consider battery more than 3000 mAh or you can even use external power supply.

5) Resolution:

Resolution makes a game look better on Smartphone. If your Smartphone has 4″ display and better resolution than you can easily. If PPI value is more than 280 than it is good. You can even look for HD resolution to get more details of game.

There are various Smartphone which you can choose to play online games. If you ask me, I recommend ASUS Zenfone 6 and Xiaomi Mi3.

If you still have any question regarding choosing a mobile phone for gaming, feel free to ask me via comments.

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