Common Misconceptions About Reliance Jio Call Connectivity Issue


While Jio is already gaining popularity all over the country in it pre-launch state and is expected to launch by the end of this year, there are a few people who’ve started complaining about network problems in some areas.

Jio is slowly expanding its network all over the country, to check if there are performance issues with the customer base. This strategy whilst relatively new to telecom companies, is being used to test its network capacity. The strategy has the capacity to test all odds and to test all call connectivity issues so that customers do not face any kind problem after the official launch of the network.

Common Misconceptions About Reliance Jio Call Connectivity Issue

Yet people are talking about Jio 4G call connectivity issues or Jio’s slow 4G internet speed or Jio speed issue. Let’s discuss all issues in brief so that we know the actual problem and the solution.

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  • When Jio was launched, users were getting up to 40mbps of download speed; but for the last few days, complaints have been surfacing about Jio’s slow 4G internet speed or Jio 4G call connectivity issues. Some people have started comparing it to other networks like Airtel or Idea. Speed throttling may seem unfair but it is a necessary evil when the usage is around 1,266TB per day compared to fully established networks that have a usage of around 250TB per day.
  • Few people (quite few) are complaining about the time taken by the Customer care department to service requests. Their thought is that the turnaround time has increased to several minutes. Building a network is a lot like building a virtual road, there are bound to be a few bumps along the way. Customer service offered by other telco is downright pathetic and with most of their on-call customer care are fully automated. Calling the nascent Jio customer care “substandard” is just a matter of opinion.
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  • There was a glitch in the network due to which the network was accessible to more customers than it was meant for. Therefore there were a lot of unresolved tickets, action delays, etc. This was the reason why few people were facing a delay in response time from customer care; and it is in the midst of being resolved.
  • Earlier Jio was using 1800 MHz spectrum but to enhance its services it changed its spectrum to 850 MHz. This move was criticized by some blogs claiming that it deteriorated Jio’s 4G performance which is again not true.  The problem is Jio does not have enough spectrum in 850MHz, it will definitely buy more into the spectrum which will hopefully solve this issue. Jio has multi-spectrum access claiming that any spectrum has led to deterioration of its services is purely speculation. Since the auctions are on 29th September, Jio will get their towers upgraded with the added spectrum blocks in the coming period.

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Due to the absence of any prior experience, Jio is bound to face some tethering problems. And based on their learning curve, there will definitely be visible improvement. Operators like Idea, Vodafone or Airtel have never provided unlimited previews. They don’t have the capability to emulate Jio. The new Airtel 10GB offer is poor attempt at retaining customers. Jio’s call connectivity or speed issues are minor bumps as compared to what the network has to offer and will change the face of the telecom Industry and even the way we consume data.


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