Delhi Odd Even Policy Rules Full Detail And Exemptors



Finally after a lot of debates and news, Delhi Odd Even policy is going to be implemented on Delhi roads to fight with pollution. According to Delhi govt. this is not an experiment but this is a fight against pollution which Delhi people has to fight for the bright future of their children. We don’t get this nature from or ancestors but we borrow it from our next generation. We can’t afford to lose it. So here are the details of Delhi Odd Even Policy or you can say the rules or blue print of odd-even rule. In this rule, there are some exemptors on which this rule will not be applied.

  • This Odd-even rule will be followed from 1st Jan to 15th
  • Cars ended with Odd number can run only on odd days(Jan 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15).
  • Cars ended with even number can run only on odd days(2,4,6,8,10,12,14).
  • Rule will be valid from 8 A.M to 8 P.M.
  • Women driver (with no male passenger) will be exempted from this rule.
  • Two wheelers, Ambulance, Fire services, Taxis, CNG Private vehicles are also exempted from this rule.
  • Chief justice, Judges, Prime Minister, Union Minister and Chief Ministers of all states (except Delhi) are also exempted from this policy.
  • Except That VIP and embassy cars also exempted from this group.

This time Arvind Kejriwal exempted all union ministers and chief ministers of state except Delhi. He kept himself and all his ministers in this rule and he also said in an interview, he will pool car with his ministers and participate in this rule.

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There are radio advertisements also in which he is urging people to participate in this event and come together to make this even successful. He is asking children also to request their parents to use public transport or follow this rule for 15 days.

To give convenience to people, he asked people to car pool as it is not possible to improve Delhi Transport system in just few months. There are many car pool apps like bla bla car, orahi also available which can help you to use car pool service. Even most of the companies like airtel, paytm, etc. are promoting this scheme by giving last mile connectivity to their employees by giving them CNG shuttles from metro station to office. They are making database of employees who are coming by their own cars and who are ready for carpool. They are providing free car parking to employees who are carpooling with other employees.


Delhi Govt. also opened an app called Poochh-0 by which you can call taxi or auto through phone. Govt. also increased the frequency of metro service in peak hours and non-peak hours also. Apart from this, they hired around 2500-3000 private buses on contract to increase the frequency of buses on roads.

Everyone is doing their best to make this event successful, I request you to participate in this and contribute your part. Although If you violate this rule, you have to pay Rs. 2,000 fine and I should tell you, 120 extra teams will be there at 120 different points in Delhi to help police to smoothly run this event. Now recently Supreme Court also gave power to police officials to cancel the licenses. So kindly adjust and use public transport or car pool with your friends and relatives.

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