Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Support Digital India Initiative

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Support Digital India InitiativeFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Support Digital India Initiative: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Supports Digital India Initiative : CEO Of Facebook Mark Zukerberg changed his profile picture on Facebook to show his full support for Digital India Initiative and this news is going viral on social media sites in few minutes.

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Mark Zuckerberg Post On Digital India Initiative

Mark Zuckerberg shows his support and he also added “ I Changed my profile picture to support Digital India , the Indian Government’s effort to connect India’s rural communities to the internet and give people access to more services online “.  It is a good platform and opportunity to rural people to showcase their talent to the world. Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of facebook , is looking forward for discussing this with Prime Minister of India , Mr. Narendra Modi at Facebook.

You can also show your interest and support on Digital India Initiative on facebook , by checking the link fb.com/supportdigitalindia

Mark Zuckerberg support to Digital India Initiative 2015

The photo already got viral on Social Media sites and have got millions of likes and comments & shares , the photo got millions of likes within a few minutes after being shared. It takes very less time to get these information viral on internet.

Mark Zuckerberg also added that “ He appreciated India’s effort to connect rural areas through technology. “ It is first time in history of India that Indian government is looking for a change and looking for change to the mindset of rural people. From now they can also connect easily with technology and help India to develop  and grow in the field of technology.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also discussed with CEO of Adobe , CEO of Google , CEO of Microsoft company  about Technology in India.

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