How to get a project in Infosys after training ?

You must land on this post as you are working in Infosys and you don’t have project. This post is for most of the fresher folks as they just completed their Mysore training and they don’t have project. I tell you what if you are lucky enough then you will get your project within 5 days of your posting date then you will move to central bench then it will be less likely that you will get a project soon.

It depends on the unit in which you are and also depends on the requirement in the project. But I will tell you the best way through which you can get project (for sure). It may sound weird but I am telling you this is the best and fastest way you will get project. Through this way you can select project of your choice, sometimes you will get location of your choice. Yes, you read it right, location of your choice which you didn’t get after Mysore training. Let me tell you the way without wasting more time.

How to get a project in Infosys after training ?

You just go to Infosys telephone directory and then look for your unit. Let’s say your unit is DNA(Data and Analytics) and type DNA in telephone directory, now you will get names of all employees who are in same unit. Now filter for only SPM (Senior Project Manager) because only they can hire you. Now, just note it down all the names with mail id after filtering it for SPM. Now just start your work, prepare a list of technologies in which you are in specialization and prepare a OPP (One Page Profiler) also. Now start pinging each SPM that you are trained in these technologies and you have knowledge about these and you are looking for the project. Now it is up to you, how good lines you can use to get a project. It’s like proposing a girl, that you should be good enough to persuade her(him). Most of the times you will get rejection but you need only one yes and your search will be completed.

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Now I know what you are thinking. Let’s try to take all your questions?

Questions and Answers

Q: Can we really ping SPM like this?

A: Yes, we can ping anyone in the Infosys (even Vishal Sikka) if we have work from them. So Just do it without second thought, if he doesn’t have any requirement he will simply say no. You can send a mail also but that is a little bit slow process, so I like to message through lync (Infosys Internal messenger).

Q: Does this method really work?

A: Yes, I tried it and I got success in 26th attempt. Many of my friends did it and there is not even a single person who doesn’t get project. You just have to follow this process till you get the project. Maximum limit is 100 contacts. You will get a project before contacting 100 SPM.

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Just follow the right way of talking. Don’t talk rude and in an attitude and don’t loose confidence also when you get rejection, even some people will not reply to your message as they are getting lots of messages and mails daily.

Try this method and share your experience (in comment) with us that its worked for you or not

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