How to Increase Internet Speed Of Jio Sim

After standing in a long queue for hours and waiting for days, have you finally got Jio sim?

But it doesn’t meet your expectations?

You are not getting data speed what you were expecting? Then you must be thinking of how to increase internet speed of jio sim?

How to Increase Internet Speed Of Jio Sim

Then this post is for you, after reading this post you can increase you Jio speed by two, three or four times.

But for that you need more than one Jio sim, if you have more than one Aadhar card in your home then you can get more number of Jio sim on behalf of your parents. For that you need same number of 4G phones also. But if you don’t have 4G phones, still no need to worry as Jio will soon enable its services in non 4G phones also.

There is an application (Android ,Ios and Windows) called Speedify through which you can increase the speed of data connection. Speedify is an application which connects all data sources through which you can connect to data and it integrates the speed of all data sources so that you can get integrated speed of all data sources.

So you can connect all Jio sim with this Speedify application and you will get speed of all Jio sim through one device. You can increase your speed 200 mbps by connection 4 or 5 devices.

So, if you have bunch of friends who have Jio sim then call them at one place and use the real high speed internet all together. Reliance Jio is in its initial stage so it is facing some connecting issues sometimes. So if you connect 5 or 6 devices all together so there is less chance of getting no connection.

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Speedify is a paid application, you have to pay somewhere around 9$ per month to use this service. But it has 30 day free trial period which you can enjoy atleast. So just go and download Speedify app now and use real high speed internet speed.

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