IPhone 7 Dual Camera: Innovation or Gimmick ?

Iphone 7 dual camera feature innovation

Hello I phone Welcome to Past. Aren’t you little bit late (or I should say very late) to launch this Dual camera feature which is already there in the market. Reliance Lyf Earth 1 has already launched this feature in January 2016. You don’t have to spend 75000 bucks to buy this dual camera feature which is already present in Reliance Lyf Earth 1. On the other side Samsung is coming with Note 7 which has Retina Unlock which is already present in Reliance Lyf Earth 2. I don’t know why these two biggies focusing too much on features which are already present in market and they are trying like if these features are invented by them.

I phone 7 has been launched few days back in which they revealed I Phone 7 plus will have a dual 12 MP camera for better picture and more vibrant colors. One camera has 28 mm of focal length while other has 56mm of focal length. This will provide better optical image stabilization to user. Is it innovation really?

IPhone 7 Dual Camera: Innovation or Gimmick ?

Apple is saying you can take picture with 10 x zoom with this phone. I want to ask how many of you take picture which is 100 -200 m far from you. And after all, you will put it on Instagram after applying Instagram filters which will lower the resolution up to 640p. After that I can guarantee no one can tell a single difference between normal phone clicked picture and I phone 7 clicked picture.

Reliance has already launched dual rear camera in Lyf Earth 1 in 2015. It offers 13 MP camera with 2 MP dual camera to give better optical stabilization feature. Although Earth 1 has a feature in it through which you can switch the mode of focus even after clicking picture. You can focus on the foreground as well as on the background. This feature is not available in other dual camera phones, not even in I phone 7 or I Phone 7 plus. This feature is for photographers which is initially present in DSLR’s only. Even you can manually change the intensity of focus of the picture after clicking it in the Reliance Lyf Earth 1. You will get a better understanding in the video.

This year Apple introduced all the features in I phone 7 which is already present in Reliance Lyf 7 and they are saying it Innovation. What’s wrong with the Apple. Now their thinking is like we make anything and people will buy it at the end just because of Apple. But if you want a same featured product or even better product then you can go for any other phone in just 1/5th of the price of I phone 7, Reliance Lyf Earth 1 is one of them.

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