Jio Money 10% Flat Cashback Offer

“Demonetization”, the word that has shaken the nation. Overnight the country went from being a cash-rich economy to severely cash limited state. 500 to 1000 currency was devalued by the government and sent the Indian population helter-skelter to exchange their cash in hand for lower denomination currency or the new 2000 rupee notes. While the move is hailed by many as an effective way to battle the black money system, there is no doubt that the move has left most of the middle and lower economic segments of India in a lurch.

Everyone in killing their expenses as no one has extra cash with them but here Jio brings something for you again. You might be thinking how Jio sim can solve your problem of cash. But I am not talking about Jio sim but Jio Money. Get yourself an e-wallet might be the best solution at this stage. While e-wallets were functioning fairly well in India before the cash crunch, now a new sense of urgency has set in. After comparing a few e-wallets in the market I’ve concluded that the Jio Money wallet is one of the better options out there. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Any customer with a valid mobile number, registered with any telecom service provider can sign-up with Jio Money. You can download ‘Jio Money Wallet’ from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install the app. Start the app, check the registration page and follow some simple steps to create your account.
  • Even if you lose your phone, your money is 100% safe. Nobody can access your Jio Money account, since only you can do so through your password and 4-digit mPIN. Jio Money locks your account for your own safety after 3 consecutive incorrect mPIN attempts.


Additionally, Jio Money offers two types of accounts:

1.Basic Account: Transaction limit is capped at INR 10,000 per calendar month. No documents are required for ‘Basic Account’.

2.Advanced Account: Premium customers can keep up to INR 100,000 stored in their JioMoney account for any calendar month, however you can do unlimited transactions above INR 100,000 for that calendar month. For this account Pan card and other necessary documents are required which you will get it on their app or on their website.

Best thing about Jio Money is money in the wallet will never get expired like other e-wallets. You can note down this as a plus point of Jio Money.

Jio Money 10% Flat Cashback Offer

Jio Money now offers 10% flat cashback on all purchases and transactions made through the wallet. Customers who essentially use cash for shopping can also avail the cash back by utilizing the cash loading points inside each store to pay via Jio Money & earn a cashback of 10% on the total invoice. Here are the main points of Jio Money 10% Cashback Offer.

  • 10% flat cashback on all transactions
  • Money in the wallet will never expired like other e-wallet apps.
  • Cashback will be credited within 2 working days.
  • You can utilize these loading points as and when you wish at any Reliance Fresh & Reliance Smart stores across India.
  • Customers can use the money loaded at over 50,000 online merchants and more than 70 billers including utilities, bill payments, insurance payments, e-commerce transactions and offline store payments.

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Need Cash? You Need Reliance Store Not Banks

Best Feature of Jio Money is giving cash at Reliance Stores by wiping Jio Money wallet. In case you need cash and you have money in your Jio Money wallet, then go to reliance store and get cash on by swiping Jio Money to them. It will solve the problem of standing in long queues of ATMs. In India, it is time to go digital, it is time to get your Jio Money.

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