Microsoft Xbox Elite controller Price Features

Microsoft Xbox Elite controller Price FeaturesThe Microsoft has finally announced the Xbox Elite controller which has some of the best qualities which the previous one didn’t have.As it comes with the Xbox one console and Microsoft Xbox Elite controller has the higher speed.If we talk about the storage then Microsoft  Xbox Elite controller has the storage of 1 TB and its a solid state hybrid drive. Xbox Elite controller has faster boot time from sleep and it is better in loading game and gives smoother experience to the user.

The Xbox Elite controller also includes the new Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One. This special edition device sports stainless steel thumb sticks and parts which finely crafted, as well as there are so many ways we can customize layout and even the triggers and pads themselves to get you on top of the game. There’s even an app which we can use with the controller to decide exactly how much pressure lets you fire your guns in game. Xbox Elite controller comes with its own carrying case and ‘braided’ USB cable and Xbox Elite controller has a 3.5 mm plug for headphones.

The Xbox  Elite controller is kind of amazing for the gadget freaks, or maximally cool.

As suggested by the Microsoft there is an increment of about 20 percent speed of the  Xbox  Elite controller.The most frequently used files are stored in the faster solid state partition making Xbox  Elite controller much more faster. Xbox  Elite controller is designed with premium materials.Rear paddles are there which can be used in place of buttons and has the feature of the thumb stick .The redesigned D-pad is also pretty slick.

The cost of the Xbox  Elite controller is about $150 and its retail price is about $499.But the controller can be slimmed down a bit but the game-pad has make it the better one than the previous versions.

Microsoft should also upgrade its GPU and the controller better.

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