Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker Review


Portronics is one of the best companies which have budget portable speakers. In this post I am going to share review of Portronics Sublime which will come under budget of 2,000 INR. I must say it is the best portable speaker in this budget as JBL GO which is in the same range has only one channel and output power is much less than this speaker.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker Review

Let’s get started with the features Portronics is offering in sublime. It has Bluetooth, Aux, USB, FM and micro sd card mode. Let’s start with FM mode. It has easy navigation keys which with one press will automatically find exact tuning. So there is no confusion hassle to change any channels in this mode.

It has Bluetooth mode through which you can connect to any Bluetooth device. It is very easy to detect, you just have to put your speaker in Bluetooth mode then it will automatically detect near-by Bluetooth device or it will automatically connect with pre connected device.

You can connect it with micro sd card by putting memory card upto 32 GB in the slot given at the back and it will automatically go in memory card mode and it will play first song of memory card. You can change the song with one button. You can go back and forward with a simple click. Similarly it has Aux mode and USB mode which has simple connectivity with no challenges. For the first time when you connect it with PC/laptop, then it will take some time to install drivers but with later connectivity there will no issue.

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Coming on sound quality, I must say it has best sound quality as it has 2 speakers and there is a sub-woofer at the bottom to give the bass. You can feel the bass by putting your hand at the bottom. There is no shaking or shivering in voice at the maximum volume also. Voice is good or I should say best for any type of listening. You can use this speaker in your car, at your house party or anywhere. It is slight heavy in weight because of which it has very stable sound which other speaker doesn’t has.

Portronics Sublime has 2000 mAh chargeable battery which takes 5 hours to get fully charged and it will give output time of nearly around 7-8 hours which is quiet good enough for any event. You can change battery if it gets old, it is easily available at any physical as well as online store.

Portronics Sublime Pros:

  • Best sound quality
  • It has all connectivity modes (Bluetooth, aux, USB, FM and memory card))
  • 1 channel speaker
  • Affordable price
  • No shivering in voice

Portronics Sublime Cons:

  • Heavy in weight (0.5 kg)

Portronics has sublime 2 also which is 400 – 500 INR costly and it has only one extra feature that is NFC. There is no need of NFC where you have so many connectivity modes. So I suggest you to go for Portronics Sublime instead of Sublime 2.


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