Presto Db Benefits, Limitations, Ldap Integration

PrestoDb is not the actual database but it is the query layer which doesn’t have its own storage layer. So, PrestoDb uses other databases or HDFS for its storage layer. It has distributed query execution plan which will enhance the query performance upto 10 times faster.

PrestoDb Benefits:

  • It can query from more than one data source simultaneously which is very useful in analytics.
  • It enhances the query performance up to 10 times faster.
  • Very easy to configure and support almost all types of data sources.

PrestoDb Limitations:

  • It can’t do inserts or perform any operations that require writing to HDFS, such as large joins or group by because presto doesn’t have its own storage layer. You can use it for select queries only.

PrestoDb Configuration:

You need to create four files to configure PrestoDb with some database. Here in my example, I am connecting presto with hive which uses Hadoop as it storage layer. Following are the four files:

  • Node Properties
  • JVM Config
  • Config Properties
  • Catalog Properties

In catalog properties, you have to create a file in which you have mentioned the connector name and thrift Api service. These properties you have to add in the file:

 PrestoDb LDAP Integration:

LDAP integration is one of the common ways which almost every tool uses to secure its authorization part. But there is one limitation in PrestoDb LDAP integration is that it doesn’t support Ldap integration but it supports Ldaps integration which is secure Ldap (Ldaps).

Ldap vs. Ldaps: Ldaps is the secure version of Ldap and the only difference is that when you will send credentials to Ldap server, it will go into encrypted form, not as plain text.  So your organization server should support Ldaps integration otherwise it will not be compatible with Ldap server only.

You can follow the PrestoDb official document which itself defines the procedure of Ldap integration in a very descriptive manner.

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