Reason for Jio’s Speed Being Slow – No. 1 in Data in the World

Reason for Jio’s Speed Being Slow – No. 1 in Data in the World: After the launch of Jio network, it becomes one of the fastest growing network in the world. Though it is providing all of it’s services free for first 3 months and lifetime free voice calling, but there are some other bullshits happening around in the media like Jio speed is very slow, no network connectivity and bla bla. Jio damages the business of all other telecom networks and there is nothing left to them instead of criticizing about the Jio’s network.

These days, there are rumors all around on the net that Jio speed is very slow, it is even worse than the 2G network. But, my friend without knowing the real facts don’t come to any conclusions. Yes It might be little bit slow but first you should know all the reasons behind it.

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Reason for Jio’s Speed Being Slow – No. 1 in Data in the World


According to Credit Suisse, Reliance Jio beats the China Mobile and becomes the world no. 1 in Data services provider in the world.

According to information shared by the Reliance Jio in it’s quarterly meeting, an average customer of the company is using roughly around 1 GB of data daily. And company enrolled around 16 million new customers from Sep. 5 to Sep. 30.

So if we do roughly calculations here with these numbers, we will found out that daily average consumption was around 16,000 TB data. This estimation makes clearly makes this network be the world No. 1 network in the data services.

In comparison, the biggest data operator in the world — China Mobile — carries only about half of that — around 12,600 TB per day.

The third biggest operator — Vodafone Global — carries about one-fourth of that — about 6,000 TB.

This figures also makes Jio Network 4.2 times larger than the Indian network in combined (Vodafone+Idea+Airtel). Also, one thing to notice is that this company is still in trial stage and not charging it’s users for the provided services unless other companies.

It also estimated that Jio’s network is being utilized to quite high levels due to the barrage of data.

It is also noted that there is rise in complaints about speed going down on the network. And these complaints, that users are pointing out, are quite understandable in the context of the above math. Jio’s network is thus getting ‘stress – tested’.

But Jio didn’t stops here and didn’t care about all the rumors going around because company believes in let their network speaks and clear the confusion of their customers and to do this,  Jio has quietly increased the capital outlay for the telecom venture from 1.5 lakh cr to 2.5 lakh cr.

Still, if you think Jio speed is low and it is bad network to go with, than my friend, you are seriously going to miss the feel of one of the hi-tech network of India.

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