Reliance Jio Network Perception : Reality vs Myth

Reliance Jio Network Perception : Reality vs Myth: As, you all are familiar with the Reliance Jio network. It’s on boom these days, some people knew this network for good reasons and others not so. But, this network seriously disturbed the present telecom market and forcing other providers to provide good services at low rates.

Reliance Jio Network Perception : Reality vs Myth

After the launch of Reliance Jio, it breaks all the monopoly of the other network providers, who have made a mutual understanding and charging high tariff rates. And people don’t have option instead of using there inefficient services at high cost. That’s where Reliance Jio came in and hit them hard, company provide it’s carries which totally based on 4G for free to its users. With free voice calls and high speed data, it assured communication would always remain open and free. Also, it creates a revolution for the user who wants really high speed and waiting for it from so long time now has a network with free access to unlimited internet and unimaginable speeds.

Though it providing all these services free untill the end of the year 2016, it also stands to meet with the current huge demand and providing break less services to the users even in the Beta testing phase, which slowly slowly raising the demands of the people to want more and to access everything faster. But at every point, Reliance Jio network proved themselves by letting their services speak for them.

Reliance Jio sets new record: 16 million users in 1 month

As we all know, it started with the preview offer for a minimum period of six months completely discounting the welcome offer with its 4GB/day cap. According to Jio reports, average monthly consumption was over 26GB and 355 minutes per user per month. If we calculate the cost of this on competitor network, than it will cost around Rs 6000 at least. Not to mention we all know of someone, me or you who have easily crossed the 26GB mark a number of Jio. Taking into account the Jio voice calls, messaging and other app services Jio users must have saved something to the tune of INR 7K – 10K. Jio put all that money back in customer’s’ pockets

Another very important aspect of Jio which is not highlighted anywhere is its great sources of entertainment online apps like JioTv and JioCinema. Most of the apps are getting fantastic reviews by consumers and the rich content libraries keep them engaged, so much so that, satellite and cable TV providers will soon feel the heat because currently, all that content is available to Jio users for free. This way, your data doesn’t leave the country, and the company does not need to invest in international connectivity to provide these.

Lastly, we must remember that Jio is a telecom network and having unrealistic speed expectations in non-hotspot will not only hurt the telecom but the users also. It provide too much to the user and also forced competitor to slash down the rates and provide good services, that’s the effect of Jio.

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