This Diwali : Jio Sets Back Old Trend to Wish Your Beloved

This Diwali : Jio Sets Back Old Trend to Wish Your Beloved: After reading the title, you people were like what trend Jio sets back again? But, if you people went back in the past some 10 years around. Did you guys remember how people wishes Diwali to their near dears?

This Diwali : Jio Sets Back Old Trend to Wish Your Beloved

That time, only phone were built with some 2-3 functions which mainly includes calling and SMS services. And that time no smartphones were built and no messenger apps like Whatsapp, Hike etc were developed. So, people usually calls or send sms to wish Diwali.

The main thing which we might forget was people that time send wishes prior to Diwali as telecom providers charge more on Diwali day and charges were usually gets double.

In today’s time even, there are majority of people who don’t know or don’t use social or messenger apps. Also, many of them even don’t have smartphone or if they have then they don’t know how to use it. Also, some people don’t likes to use these apps as they feel it is wastage of time and bla bla.

So these people either left with only two options, either pay double on the blackout days or wish their beloved before the Diwali day.

For these people, Jio actually sets a new trend or you can say, Jio brings back old trend. As we all know, Jio is offering free calling and SMS services to it’s free for lifetime. So these users can use Jio telecom services and can wishes their dear ones on the Diwali day and with paying none from their pocket.

What else any user wants ? to wish their dear ones for free and without interrupting and that’s the reason why people leans towards using these social messenger apps. But, for all the type of users, Jio gifts them to wish their beloved by using it’s calling or message services for free on the Diwali day itself and not before or after the actual day.

So with Jio, Indian peoples are actually jio their life.

Happy Diwali!

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