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Today technology is booming with very fast speed and everything is getting compact day by day. In today’s world, we don’t need computer and even laptops for our online work but we can do it from our smart phone. Number of and variety of phones increasing day by day and it is increasing with a very fast rate. Buying a new phone is very interesting and exciting thing but when you bring it home , you have a challenging task in front of you – how to transfer data from one phone to another phone? Seriously it sounds an easy task but I am sure you all know it is harder than anything because transferring GBs of data which has photos, videos, mails, songs, documents, sms, contacts, etc. everything obviously which you don’t want to loose. Sometimes when you change your operating system like from windows to android then it will become a more challenging task.

Vodafone Red Box

Here comes Vodafone Red Box into role. It is a new device which Vodafone launches few days ago from which you can transfer all your data from one phone to another. It moves more than your contacts. You can move sms, videos, photos, songs, mails, everything from your older phone to new phone with a single tap. And transferring speed is very fast , you can transfer data in hundreds of mbs per second. On an average you can transfer your data within 10-30 seconds.


It is fully secured device. Vodafone Red Box only transfers data , it doesnot save the data in the device as it doesnot have any storage device. You have to connect your both phones to this device through USB port and you have to tap transfer button with single tap on its touch screen panel. That’s it, your transferring of data starts. Before it you have to select your phone and its operating system.


Vodafone Red Box is compatible with more than 3,000 phones and it supports all three operating system- Android, IOs, Windows. This feature made it operational for all users. And best thing about this device is – it is not restricted to only Vodafone users but any telecom operator  user can use this device and you should not have to pay even a single penny. Isn’t it amazing,  you buy a new phone and you have to just visit your near Vodafone store and you can transfer you data with just one tap within few seconds and it is free of cost.


Vodafone Red Box has only one drawback that you cannot transfer your app and app data from your older phone to newer phone. But it’s ok , we can download our apps again from app store, that will take few minutes only.


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