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Today Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodia (Dept. Chief Minister) today started a new initiative in which he talked to people of Delhi. For the first 30 minutes he spoke about his achievements what his government has done in the previous 1.5 years. He said his government is focusing on 4 main points which are: Education, Health, Electricity and Water. These are the four basic requirements which every government should provide them to their citizens.

Arvind Kejriwal made some announcements also for Delhi people. He promised by December 2017 , every house will get clean water by pipeline and it will be of drinking quality. By December 2016, East Delhi will get its free Wi-Fi. 1000 mohalla clinics will be open till 2016 December. 8,000  classrooms will be ready within 1 month.

AAP Punjab Youth Manifesto

After 30-40 minutes of his speech he answered questions of people which came from Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and through calls. Some people called just to wish him success and to praise him and there were some tough questions also. One man called to register a complaint in his area related to water logging. Following are the few questions asked in TalktoAk show:

Ques: What planning about sports in Delhi?

Answer: School Fields opened for public to play sports in Delhi. Also Kabaddi games held to support sports. There will be a new Sports university which will give degree in sports similar to other programs ( B.A, M.A).

Ques. Why MLA salary was increased?

Answer: MLA’s used to earn 12,000 rupees for his family which is not enough for survival. So we increased their salaries to 50,000 rupees. We are giving them basic salary to our MLA’s so that they can survive easily and they will never think of corruption.

Ques: Why does Delhi govt. give ads across India?

Answer: Delhi being India’s capital it is important people of country know what’s happening. AAP Govt. has not spent 523 crore on advertising but only 75 crore! RSS is spreading lies in the country against AAP.

1000 Mohalla Clinics to be open in Delhi

Ques. Where is Wi-Fi?

Answer: East Delhi will have Wi-Fi hotspots by December unless CI, LG or others take files or pose hurdles in our way. Planning to lay down a fibre optic web across Delhi and this will reach every home then will have internet.

Along with answering questions, Arvind Kejriwal shared his problems what he is facing from the center. He said, his Govt. sent 14 bills including Janlok Pal Bill and no detention policy bill to central government but Central Government hasn’t approved a single bill till now. According to him, Delhi police which comes under Central Government is creating false cases against his MLA’s and trying to break them. They want to give message in his office also don’t work for Kejriwal or Delhi people else they will put them in jail. He gave an example of his MLA Commando Surender who was thrown in jail by Delhi police after he scold an official for taking bribe from a street vendor.

Apart from his achievements and his hurdles, he shared his experience of visit to Goa, Gujrat and Punjab. He gave an indirect message to people that AAP will fight upcoming elections in Goa, Gujrat and Punjab. After that they will think of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh also.

With this show, Arvind Kejriwal wants to connect with not only Delhi people but with people of India also. It will definitely help his party for upcoming elections in different states. He said next meeting will be after 1 month and it will occur regularly each month and he will answer people questions directly.

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