Bad Habits Successful Students Don’t Have

All the students in the class are given with same books and are taught by the same teacher. But only a few students will be successful in getting good marks. What is the reason? There are two primary reasons: one is utilizing time and resources, and the other is developing good habits. In this article let’s discuss few bad habits that hinder your success.


Taking excuses for doing your work is the root cause of all these bad habits.


Postponing Things till Deadline:

It is the common habit of many students to postpone things till last moment and struggle during the last days. This causes confusion and moreover you won’t understand the subject. Completing everyday work that day itself give you satisfaction and generates interest towards the subject.


Mugging Up or Rote Learning:

Have you even wondered why your friend will get less mark even though he studies for more time? The reason is that he is not actually learning but just mugging up. Mugging up something will not help as it cannot be remembered for long time. This is a very bad habit which has to be replaced by learning the concept. If you find difficulty in understanding the concepts like math, physics, chemistry, biology etc use the help of some video lectures that are available in the market.


Excessive Use of Caffeine:

Caffeine may be useful for instant high and helps you to think. But taking caffeine in large quantities affects the heart rate and sleeping patterns. This will have an adverse effect on student’s focus to study for CBSE exam.


Homework is useful to revise the stuff that was learned in the school. The students forget what they learned in the school that day and homework help them to memorize and comprehend the various topics by making them revise it that day only.


Getting Stressed After Failure:

Always strive to fix the mistakes you’ve made so that you get a better result next time. Due to the stress that sets in after failing in an exam students lose their confidence which makes it harder for them to concentrate.


Visiting Social Networking Sites While Studying:

This is the most dangerous bad habit. Looking social networking sites while studying will divert students from studying. It is easy to get distracted if mobile and computer are in the vicinity. These social networking sites are addictive and you end up spending whole time on it.

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