Best Green Tea Brand For Weight Loss

Green tea is the new trend to which people are shifting from normal masala chai and this is even advised by doctors also which helps in fighting with diseases as well as in weight loss. Green tea was popular in China and Japan initially but now it is becoming popular in all over the world, especially in India. Corporate companies in India are also shifting from normal tea to Green tea to promote the health benefits of it.

It is true that where Green tea is good for health but at the same time it is very difficult to drink (if best green tea brand is not selected) because of its taste. So it is very necessary to select best green tea brand and especially when you want to reduce weight.

How Green Tea helps in weight loss

Green tea (different green tea brands has different ingredients) has anti-oxidants in it, loaded with potent oxidants called catechins which dissolves in water and finally make it into a drink. It increases the metabolism of body which keeps you active and vanish all sluggishness. It breaks the fat into soluble substances which is used by blood, in this way it helps in weight loss which is a major benefit of it.

It has another component which is called caffeine but in much less( 20-24 mg)  quantity than present in coffee(180-200 mg). That’s why it is preferable over masala tea as well as coffee also.

Every day 2 Cups of Green tea is the best dose for healthy and energetic life.

There are some studies conducted by some big universities which tells that Green tea helps in burning fat white just sitting as well as during sleeping time also. Even while Gyming and exercising, it increases fat burning process by 15-20 %.

But to get best benefits of green tea, it is very necessary that you will select best green tea brand to lose weight. There are many green tea brands available in the market, some has very good in taste, some are not good in taste but very healthy, some has high caffeine level to refresh your body fast.

Don’t worry I will help to select best green tea brand which helps in weight loss. There are some best green tea brands available in the market.

  • Tetley
  • Organic India
  • Eco Valley
  • Taj Mahal
  • Twinings


Organic India:

It is the best green tea brand for weight loss. It has 35 mg catachin in it (per cup) which is the exact amount needed to burn the fat. It doesn’t has high content of caffeine so it provides other health benefits like, controlling cholesterol, for diabetes patient this is the best brand, controlling blood pressure.

As it is made of all organic ingredients, there is no side effect of this green tea.



  • Best green tea brand for weight loss
  • Available in lemon-ginger, earl grey, jasmine, and pomegranate flavor.
  • It comes in both tea bags as well as loose leaves.
  • Easily available
  • Taste is very good, your taste bud is going to love it.
  • Inexpensive


  • All flavors have some taste of Tulsi which may not be accepted by kids.


  • Tetley

It is the most easily available green tea brand in the market, not because it is the best green tea brand but it is the oldest brand available in India. It is available on all shopping websites like Flipkart, amazon and as well as on all physical stores.



  • It is inexpensive
  • Easily available in all stores
  • Very popular among people
  • Comes individually packed


It is not that much healthy which it requires to and it has a very bitter taste. You cannot invite anyone on tea if you have Tetley Green tea brand in your home. You can’t drink it by taking taste, you have to drink it like a medicine with all your eyes and nose close and in just one sip.


It has a history of more than 300 years and it is available in lots of variants (perhaps maximum number of variants). It is available only in packets. It is also good in taste but caffeine level is comparatively high. Caffeine level is one of the ingredient which is very important but it is not disclosed by all the companies.



  • Lot of flavors are available
  • Cost is moderate


  • Loose leaves are not available

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