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Farzi Café is a great café in Connaught Place which has potential to give fight to existing cafes in that area. It has nice ambience and great new theme and nothing could be better than getting a window seat at sunset. Farzi Café competes with Gurgaon cafes even which is more famous for its ambience and food style.

Farzi Café CP: Review

Farzi Café as its name suggests has illusionistic name for almost its every dish. The first thing that we tried was the famous Dal Chawal Arancini. You won’t believe how something that sounds as innocuous as ‘Dal Chawal’ can be so delightful in taste. The mini papad rolls at the top of the Dal Chawal balls results in lending the starter a photogenic appearance as well.

Next, we had the Bombay Bhel Version 2.0 and were impressed with the presentation and the quality of the starter. The tangy, sweet, chatpata and delicious Bombay Bhel was served on what I felt was a papri chat (or something similar) and was effortlessly light and magnificent. I cannot guarantee that the hard-core street food Bhel lovers would enjoy it, but we certainly did.

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Bang Bang, farzi apple fermentini, chuski Margarita and chai paani are the amazing mocktails which may sound something else with the name but tastes very delicious and these combinations are unique and you will not get anywhere else.

Farzi Café CP: Menu


Farzi café is famous for its unthinkable delicious combination of food which you never heard of even think of. But these are very delicious and you want to try every combination but your appetite doesn’t allow you. Other good things are about the café is they know how to serve, they know how to talk, they know how to greet and they know to do every simple thing in a unique way. Here are some famous dished that we try there:

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Fish and Chips: Don’t go by the usual picture of this dish in your mind, they actually serve chips with it and around 5-6 fried fishes. Rice noodle chicken biryani: Well, the Chinese meets North Indian saga continues. It was good at taste and portion was huge.  Spaghetti Aglio Olio Tamatar : A desi twist given to an Italian dish. The coconut taste that comes along is annoying at first but you start liking it as soon as you eat some more.

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I suggest you to try this place at least once as it has different interior theme with different combination of food and it has good service also. Prices are same as other good cafes and bars so you can go with your family or friends at least once.


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