Reliance Jio Vs Airtel offer for Iphone 7 users


On 7th of October, I Phone made an entry in India. What a successful launch it was. Within few minutes thousands of units had been sold. It proves that no matter what will be the cost of I Phone, I Phone lovers will buy this. In India you will get I Phone 7 from all Apple Stores, authorized Apple Resellers and big E-commerce websites.

Reliance Jio Vs Airtel offer for Iphone 7 users

This time like U.S, in India also telecom operators tie up with Apple to give exciting offers for I-Phone 7 buyers. India’s leading brand Airtel and most youngest/popular telecom brand Reliance Jio comes up with their offer for I Phone buyers.

Reliance Jio sim Offer

Reliance Jio is giving 20GB per month data for 1 year if you will use Reliance Jio sim in I-Phone 7. Offer is not limited to IPhone 7 only but any I- Phone which has VoLTE support in it(means IPhone 5SE to IPhone 7+). Additionally you will get 40 GB per through hotspot and unlimited data at night. Free unlimited voice calls to any network and free roaming all over India is obviously there for you. So you have not to worry to put your data in off mode, you can use as much data as you want if you opt this premium offer. Other amazing perks include Jio premium apps worth Rs. 18000 complimentary for a year, Reliance Retail coupons worth Rs. 15000 and other such really cool perks!!

The only condition is you have to buy the iPhone from anywhere in India and avail of this offer either through EMI or direct purchase, it’s up to the customer This offer will be available for new iPhone purchases across all Reliance Digital stores and select Apple Premium Resellers (APR) and Apple Authorized Resellers (AAR).

Jio Enterprise Offer

Another offer is Jio Enterprise offer for professional, if your company signs up with Jio, you can get an additional 25% off on the apple handsets! This news should come as a breather for iPhone fans who wish to buy the phone but are hesitant due to the price. More details on this offer soon.


Airtel offer for Iphone 7 users 

Airtel is also giving offer for IPhone buyers. Like every plan of Airtel, this plan has also lot of conditions with lot of complexities. It took 1 full day for me to understand all terms and conditions. I am summarizing all the terms and conditions, then you take your decision by yourself either this is beneficial or not. Following are the terms and conditions:

Airtel Terms and Conditions for Iphone 7 users

  • This offer is only for IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 plus. So other IPhone variant buyers stay away from it.
  • You need to make payment of 19,990 at the time of purchase.
  • Then Airtel has 3 plans for you: 5GB plan (Rs. 1,999), 10 GB plan (Rs. 2,499) and 15 GB Plan (Rs. 2,999).
  • After 1 year if you want to continue your phone be with you then you have to make some balloon payment of 24,000 INR. I really don’t understand who wouldn’t want to keep his phone with him after paying 50,000 (approx) in just 1 year.
  • If I suppose you will continue your phone with your phone after 1 year also, then total price will be (19,990 +2,999*12 +24,000) Rs. 79,978. Congratulations, you just bought 60,000 Rs. IPhone in just Rs. 79,978.
  • Plus you cannot move to any other network and you will contracted with Bajaj Finserv to take this offer.

Reliance Jio or Airtel IPhone Offer

Now you decide by yourself which will be good offer for you. In one you will get 15 GB with extra amount and with lots of term, conditions and restrictions and in other you will get a lot of data with no terms and conditions.


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