Beware Might Be You Are Using Fake

Beware Might Be You Are Using Fake :Among many other search engines available to access the internet, Google is considered to be users’ first choice.

Beware Might Be You Are Using Fake

However, while using the domain many users will never be able to notice the fake version of it, which opens up as ɢ, not

The difference was spotted by The Next Web while using Google Analytics, where they discovered the domain leads to a secret., asking people to ‘Vote for Trump’.

The website now display a message saying \’Trump, you did it.

\’Earlier the presence of fake Google was revealed by Analytic Edge, explaining that the ɢ isn’t actually Google.

com or, but pretending to be one using a G smaller than the normal one, almost about to be the size of lowercase letter.

In fact, the letter G used in the fake news is a special latin-character, a smaller capital ɢ, also known as Unicode 026According to Analytics Edge, spammers have created it to leave fake traffic that draws unwary web site owners to investigate where it came from.

Google has provided instruction in order to get rid of such spammers on Google analytics under Analytics Solutions section.

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