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Delhi has one of the worst traffic conditions in India. Its one of the main reason is that it has maximum number of violators. According to govt. report, more than 1 crores violations happens in the capital every day. As Delhi traffic police doesn’t have much police personnel and equipment to track these violators, so they are not able to caught all violators. Delhi doesn’t have any strict rules also against these crimes. If one breaks the red light, one has to pay just 100 rupees and one can go freely. But these are old rules, now new rules have been issued by the court of Delhi which are more harsh and strict for the violators. Now police has even right to seize the license for 3 months for even 1st time violation. These are the new rules which are issued by the Traffic police, you should see it before breaking traffic rule next time, if you are a regular traffic violator.


Delhi New Traffic Rules Fines| Charges :

Delhi Traffic Police has started implementing the directions of
Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety strictly from 15-12-2015.
Driving licence of traffic offenders of the following violations will be seized on the spot by police & suspended for at least 3 months.
1. Over speeding (Fine Rs. 400 for first offence & Rs. 1000 subsequently).
2. Red light jumping(Fine Rs.100 for first time & Rs. 300 subsequently).
3. Drunken driving (Court challan. Magistrate may impose fine upto Rs 2000 & jail upto 6 months for first offence and Rs 3000 and jail upto 2 years).
4. Using mobile phone while driving(Fine Rs.1000 for the first time and Rs. 2000 subsequently).
5. Carrying persons on goods vehicle(Fine Rs.100 for first time & Rs. 300 subsequently).
Those driving without helmet or without seat belt will be fined Rs. 100 for first time & Rs. 300 subsequently. They will also have to undergo counselling for two hours.
Please follow traffic rules for your own safety and the safety of other road users.
Delhi Traffic Police wants you safe.


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