Digital Assessment of Online Education


Students are opting for the digital mode of education now these days, in which they can get access to course to materials, exam schedules, tutors, career counselors, results, marksheets, and even course certificates. This mode of learning and educating oneself is a doorway to the future of education. With the access to learning how about we find a way to assess our performance online. This will be a great step towards personal growth and the efficient use of technology from the academic point of view.


One of the main challenge faced in assessment today is the lack of fair and reliable assessment. When it comes to course including the NCERT Solutions for class 7, it is of utmost priority that the checking and examining of the solutions should be appropriate according to the mentioned guidelines.


With various types of courses taken by multiple students from all across the globe, it will be a good method to access the student performance is by peer-to-peer or a system which will be automated to do that. So, with the development of technologies in recent times, it will be more feasible to accomplish accurate assessment of every individual.


To make the most of this technology and assist students in their betterment in exams, a certain set of protocols needs to be followed such as:

  • Installation of a camera to ensure if anybody is in the room
  • Facial recognition to ensure if the concerned person is taking the assessment not someone else
  • For the determination of good reception of visual clues, student’s retina movement should be analyzed
  • Similarly, movement of mouth can be analyzed to ensure that the student is not talking with someone
  • Voice recognition should be there to recognize the voice is exclusive of the student when he is asking and answering

When it comes to finding the NCERT Solutions for class 7, students will not have any sort of difficulty because the solutions are provided online, and with this feature, it will be a boon to them when they are preparing for their exams. Because, with the introduction of the digital assessment system, it will be even more convenient for them to get their solutions checked with the help of technology which will be accurate and reliable. This technology will prove to be very helpful in the future and will be one less task off the shoulders of teachers.


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