How To Crack NCERT Class 12 Exams?


NCERT publishes textbooks for all subjects of primary and secondary students, it also prints sample question papers and books for CBSE syllabus. Instead of printing it on paper, you can download and get the e-books through the BYJU’S app which provides study material for maths, science –  NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry and various competitive exams

Below are tips that will help you crack class 12 exam:

Planning and time management

Prepare a timetable. Divide time depending on the subject’s easy or difficulty level. Don’t study tough subjects one after the other. Decide which day what subject you will be covering. Plan your timetable in such a way that you get enough time for revision. Avoid studying in one go as you might not remember it in the exam. Taking 10-15 minutes break is mandatory to refresh

Studying technique

Study in the early hours of the day. Especially the topics that are difficult. Why? Because it will help you remember in the long run. Do not study when you are sleepy, it will be a waste of time. If you are sleepy, take a nap and refresh yourself with a drink before you get back to studies. Prepare notes – use sticky notes, colourful highlighters to mark important points because all this will help you during revision

Stay away from distractions

Keep focused and be disciplined. While you are studying it is always a good practice to switch off your mobile phone and TV. Keeping your phone on will divert your mind towards social media and texting or checking emails.

Mock tests

Chapter wise practice test or subject wise mock test will help you improve. You can analyze your speed and by frequent test, it will also boost your confidence level as you have mastered the concepts to perfection

Being healthy

Study hard and do not get stressed out. You need to exercise for 45 minutes on a regular basis to stay stress-free. Drink plenty of water and eat food with protein, little carb along with vegetables

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