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Recent incident of finding a spy camera in trial room of a boutique at Goa by a central minister Smriti Irani brings whole media to a new debate. It is shocking for everyone to know about a spy camera in their boutique. Staff explained , that was a mistake and it was un-intentionally placed at wrong angle and they feel sorry for that. But after the complaint against boutique staff by central minister , four staff members including manager of boutique gets arrested by Goa Police.

After this incident, we don’t know who is right or who is wrong, but you should check your trial room first before use, doesn’t matter you are a male or a female, you are in local boutique or in big showroom. Here in this post I will share you tips to check whether your showroom is safe or does it hide any camera in it.

  • Close your trial room door properly.
  • Now count all the exit holes, it includes ventilation holes also. There should not be any outside security camera placed at an angle in this range. If you can see a camera from inside trial room, then it’s your turn to file a complaint.
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  • Check the knobs of the door, it should not have some camera in it. You can check by observing it closely.
  • If there is a key hole in door, then you should check it by keeping your eye at one end and if all is ok, you can clearly see at the other end.
  • Check every corner of trial room, there should not be any unwanted or suspicious thing there.
  • Trial room must be empty, it should not contain other unwanted stuff.
  • Try to avoid use trial rooms if there is no light in the room as it can be intentionally put off and type can have night vision camera.
  • If there is total silence in trial room, sometimes you can also heard voice of camera if it is there.

These are some tips on which if you will pay a little attention then it can save you from faupa ...

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