Mixr: An Application Which Is Beyond Dating


Mixr, a new initiative started by Indian guys through which you can mix with people around you with same interest. No, it is not a dating application although it is something “beyond Dating”.

What is Mixr?

Mixr removes the awkwardness when strangers meet normally for a date or even, casually. With a buddy (or two) along, the hanging out in Mixr is comfortable. Mixr isn’t specifically a dating app, but a way for two groups of friends to hang out. Mixr, which launched recently on iPhones and Android phones aims to target these problems. They believe that platonic connections and friendships are the first essential step to meaningful relationships and life experiences. With that in mind, Mixr has created a platform for users to meet fun, like-minded people in their city.  To keep interactions free from sleaze and safe for its users, Mixr also insists on bringing a friend into every interaction.

Mixr App Review

Through Mixr you can discover and meet amazing people who have same interests and want to do same activities which you like. You can download this app from Google Playstore and it is of just 6.29 MB which is very small in size so you don’t need Wi-fi to download this. You can also download it from apple store if you are a Iphone user. After downloading there is one option through which you can login that is through facebook. So It makes more safe as it will track all your facebook activities and your bio which is available on facebook.

To make it more secure and to make sure it will provide good interactions, they have added a feature in this app. After login through facebook, you have to add your two or more friends so that you can make your gang and it will also take your location to detect people near you. They try to focus on gang not on just two people so that it will remove the awkwardness before meeting. Both have to accept request from each other then only they can talk to each other about plans. There is even no need to exchange phone numbers until you want.

Mixr enhances your social circles by adding variety of new friends. You can go on trekking, drink a beer together, can meet for only gossips, go for a movie, road trip on weekend. Meet new people and never be alone in anything you enjoy doing. Download Now and give your review. Share your experience with the app and ask if you have any question.

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