Psychological Features of Male Perception


How often does a woman forget to take into account the straightness and concreteness of the man’s thoughts, interrupts him mid-sentence, gets distracted, suddenly remembers something, and immediately loses the thought, switching to another?

Here’s a tip for you:

“Do not ask your man stupid questions and eliminate unnecessary chatter.”

A straightforward-thinking man cannot follow the flow of your thinking. Here he sits and feels abandoned in the midst of the cycle of thoughts, associations, and images that a woman paints. It is clear that it annoys him. If you do not understand something, do not show it; otherwise, he will consider that you did not understand something in his reasoning. Remember: a man is not interested in the flow of your consciousness, fantasy, and philosophical reasoning. He is more interested in the understandable stuff, the essence of things. And so, if need be, he then clarifies the details. Each phrase has a practical meaning for it. And if you say something practically useless to him, he will be mildly distracted at best. For him, if someone says something, then he speaks with a definite purpose. Remember yourself: after a trip to the hairdresser, a man evaluates your haircut, and that’s it, but he is absolutely not interested in how many hours you spent there and what you talked about while being there. Only the result is important to him.

It often happens that, in a relationship between a man and a woman, there’s one introvert and one extrovert. While it is not a bad thing, some of us still require advice on dealing with a completely different type of personality. Find out what it’s like dating an extrovert by visiting the link.

Men often seek to interrupt the conversation, perhaps even doing so mid-sentence, yet he does not want to offend you. He already has an answer, so he is in a hurry to voice it, so as not to forget. And then, when you listen to a man, let him get his point across. If you interrupt him in the middle with your comment, he will lose the thread of his own reasoning and forget what he wanted to say. Remember the most important way to avoid family problems and find a way out of the conflict is to properly react to insults and learn to listen.

The man will tell the longest thought of his in 5 minutes. Although a man can talk about himself or about his own business for hours. So, men, having gathered in the company, can surpass women in the field of chatter. But they mainly discuss history, politics, economics, sports, that is, things related to objective matters and not internal experiences. Of course, the problems of personal life (to complain about his wife or lover) are also amongst topics for men to talk about, but in this, they simply list the facts without thinking at all, and why these women do what they do. If a man is silent and does not respond for no apparent reason, have patience – calm down, talk on the phone with a girlfriend. Remember: he will eventually calm down. Do not blame him and do not ask why he was silent – it was just necessary. And the more you try to bring him out of balance (that being his silence), the more irritation you will cause in your address.

When you address a man and say, “Let’s talk,” and at the same time, you do not formulate a topic or even a direction of the conversation, the communication will not work. Starting a conversation with a man, first attract his attention, “Honey, listen,” and then begin to say what he should hear. And remember that any man perceives the thought expressed by you literally, he does not hear the subtext and does not understand the emotional coloring.

Logic, concreteness – this is the basis that allows a man to make the right conclusion, and he does so by ignoring the useless stuff. And this is his advantage, not a disadvantage! Consider this and use when you need good advice or constructive criticism. A woman is characterized by excessive frankness, and if there is no mystery, it borders on stupidity. Therefore, if you do not understand something in his question or answer, then clarify, ask again. Men treat this positively, considering curiosity as intelligence.


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