This Diwali : Blackout Day For Airtel – Vodafone, Gift For Jio Users


Diwali is near and there is one more offer which Jio has announced for its users on this diwali. It will provide free services on blackout days also. For those who doesn’t know what is black out day, let me tell you black out days are the days when your subscription packs like free sms and free calling doesn’t work and you will charge at normal rates irrespective of the subscription packs you are using. But Reliance Jio has announced that it will provide all of its service free on blackout days also. Nearest blackout day is on Diwali.

Here are the guidelines of TRAI for telecom operators regarding blackout days:

  • The charges for calls or SMSs on ‘blackout’ days shall not exceed the rate in the tariff plan in which the consumer is enrolled;
  • List of blackout days applicable for the calendar year shall be displayed on the website of service providers, before start of every calendar year and shall be published, service area wise, along with the tariff plans of the service provider, every six months;
  • Consumers shall be given intimation prior to start of every blackout day and the date/ occasion of the blackout day shall also be intimated;

Blackout Day Dates For 2016:

Bharti Airtel Limited Reliance Communications  Ltd.     (GSM & CDMA – Prepaid & Postpaid) Reliance Telecom Limited       (GSM – Prepaid & Postpaid) Vodafone India Limited Idea Cellular Limited
Blackout days in 2016 Blackout days in 2016 Blackout days in 2016 Blackout days in 2016 Blackout days in 2016
New Year – 1st January New Year – 1st January N.A. New Year – 1st January New Year – 1st January
Holi – 23rd March Valentine’s Day – 14th February Holi – 23rd March* Valentine’s Day – 14th February
Diwali – 29th October Holi – 24th March Chhoti Diwali – 29th October Pre Diwali – 29th October
Diwali – 30th October Diwali – 30th October Diwali – 30th October * Diwali – 30th October
New Year’s Eve – 31st December New Year Eve – 31st December New Year eve – 31st December New Year Eve – 31st December
* Tentative date

If you are using any other network then beware you will be charged at normal rates irrespective of how many minutes are left in your subscription pack. If you want to use all services free then go and grab your Jio sim now. But there is a twist also in this scenario. You may not be able to connect with other telecom operators as other operators are blocking calls from Jio. They themselves don’t provide free services and when anyone else trying to provide and they are making sure they won’t let others to provide this.

You might observe this if you are Jio user that your call may get dropped or you might not be able to connect with other telecom operators. The reason is very simple, other telecom operators are blocking calls coming from Jio sim. This is called Point of Intersection (POI) issue. When you will call to Jio user, your call gets connected but when you try to call on other network, you may face issue in connecting.

Regarding this issue, Jio asked TRAI to interfere in it and it accused that the three incumbent players of telecom network are not providing enough space for point of interconnection.  TRAI also released a notification last week in which TRAI recommends 50 crore fine to all Airtel, Vodafone and Idea network. In three letters to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), TRAI notes that the acts of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are against the public interest.

After moving to TRAI, Jio has made some improvement in connection but still top players are not giving enough space for interconnection of call. TRAI is looking into the matter and there is an expectation of final notification soon from TRAI.


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