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You must aware of the odd-even formula of Delhi government. You might not like their new policy because you are worried about the problems which you are going to be face in that time. But let me tell you some facts about it, some facts for which you should be concerned than this. Have you ever think what will happen if this policy will not bring in the near future. Let me share some facts with you.

As you know Delhi is the capital of India but do you know Delhi is the most polluted city in India and it joins the top 20 most polluted city in the world. According to the High court phrase, Delhi is becoming the gas chamber where it will be very difficult to live if no actions will be taken soon regarding pollution. Pollution level rises to 12 times more than the normal safe level. PM 2.2 (particulate matter 2.5 ) is the most dangerous substance in pollution which is present in large quantity in Delhi.

Other Facts Of  Delhi Pollution

Top 20 Most Polluted Cities | City In The World | India

This list is made by WHO (World Health Organization0. This list is prepared according to the fine particulate matter 2.5 present in the air. Here I am showing the list of most polluted cities in the world.

Rank CIty and country PM 2.5 pollution level
1 Delhi, India 153
2 Patna, India 149
3 Gwalior, India 144
4 Raipur, India 134
5 Karachi, Pakistan 117
6 Peshawar, Pakistan 111
7 Rawalpindi, Pakistan 107
8 Khormabad, Iran 102
9 Ahmedabad, India 100
10 Lucknow, India 96
11 Firozabad, India 96
12 Doha, Qatar 93
13 Kanpur, India 93
14 Amritsar, India 92
15 Ludhiana, India 91
16 Idgir, Turkey 90
17 Narayonganj, Bangladesh 89
18 Allahbad, India 88
19 Agra, India 88
20 Khanna, India 88


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